Amending WIC Food Packages

The Supplemental nutrition program, Women’s, Infant’s, and Children (WIC), is the nation’s largest public health nutrition program. 50% of all infants in the United States receive WIC benefits. For this reason, FEI is working to increase access to allergy friendly and gluten free foods through this supplemental program. The WIC food packages are currently under review by a committee of nutrition experts from the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

FEI is advocating for the addition of the following items to be available as substitutes for foods currently in the WIC food packages. We are also advocating for the inclusion of basic nutrition education modules that would be beneficial for food allergy and celiac families.

WIC Food Suggested Substitute
Peanut Butter Sunflower Seed Spread
Milk Almond Milk
Whole Wheat Bread WholeGrain Gluten-Free Bread
Eggs Tofu

Nutrition Education Modules

  • How to read food labels
  • How to avoid cross contact when preparing meals at home

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