Awareness Campaigns

Our advocacy and policy goals will only be accomplished by building a strong coalition. FEI is committed to raising awareness of the intersection of hunger and special diets. Raising awareness of this population’s needs to the general public is a primary focus. FEI CEO, Emily Brown is a serious advocate for individuals facing food insecurity and managing a medically necessary diet. Brown passionately shares her personal experience with food insecurity and food allergies at speaking engagements with local nonprofits, health organizations, government leaders and more.

2015 Wheat Free SNAP Challenge

During Hunger Action Month, FEI launched the first annual Wheat Free SNAP Challenge, challenging the public to abstain from foods containing wheat while on a budget of $4.50/per day per person, for five days. Almost no one made it. Those that got close, subsisted on very little food during that period, with few fruits and vegetables.

*FEI is also an active member of the Greater KC Food Policy Coalition