Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Food Equality Initiative is has been working since the storm hit to provide “free from” foods to families impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We are currently mobilizing efforts to send donations of non perishable foods to shelters in Texas. If you would like to join our efforts email or donate. Please mark all donations for hurricane relief “Harvey 2017”.

Give to Food Equality Initiative and Help Save Lives

As a non-profit we rely on donors like you to help keep our pantry shelves and freezers stocked. Our programs provide direct and indirect services to indivuduals diagnosed with food allergies and Celiac diesase with financial need to face the everyday crisis of maintaing their medically necessary diets.  Your gift to Food Equality Initiative will ensure all Americans, even those with special diets, will have access to safe and healthy food. All donations are tax deductable.


Become a regular sustaining donor by clicking on the contribution box. Any amount you can contribute on a monthy basis would be most appreciated.


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