Allergy Amulet Launching Limited Pre-Order Run in January!

Allergy Amulet Launching Limited Pre-Order Run in January!

Living with food allergies is all about what ifs?

What if this cupcake is made with almond flour? What if this soup is made with real cream instead of a dairy-free substitute? What if this package of chips actually does contain the wheat and soy that it claims it “may contain”? Have you ever wished that you could just know with greater certainty whether a food was safe? What if we told you there will soon be a solution?

Allergy Amulet is bringing something to the food allergy community in 2021 to help eliminate the what ifs. The company has developed the world’s small and fastest consumer food allergen sensor to test your food for common allergenic ingredients in seconds.*

Allergy Amulet is a first-of-its-kind detection platform based on cutting-edge sensor technology. The product consists of two parts: a thumb-sized reader (the Amulet) and a sampler.

The Amulet is also small enough so that you can carry it on a keychain, necklace, or wristband.

Allergy Amulet is launching pre-orders this month (so you can order one soon!) but limited quantities are available. Ordering now will put you at the front of the line when the Amulet starts shipping later this year.

To receive exclusive pre-order access you’ll need to be subscribed to their newsletter. For more information, you can visit their website.

Cheers to exciting food allergy progress in the new year!


*The Allergy Amulet is intended to capture a representative sample of the food. The test will only identify the presence or absence of a target allergenic ingredient in the collected sample. The Amulet serves as a supplement, not a substitute, to the standard precautionary measures food-allergic individuals would otherwise take when dining out or eating foods prepared by others.