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Teal Pumpkin Project

By Kamisha York Peyton’s Allergy Shield of Hope Peyton with a teal pumpkin. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my children. Our tradition, which started with my oldest, Jayden, includes dressing up [...]

Teal Pumpkin Project 2021-10-14T10:20:53-05:00

Ronni’s Gluten-Free Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies

Ronni’s Gluten-Free Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies "This recipe makes a lot of cookies and they are so good," Ronni says. "They remind me of my grandma's cookies." 3 Eggs (well-beaten)1 cup Raisins1 tsp Vanilla1 cup Butter (softened)1 cup Brown sugar1 cup White [...]

Ronni’s Gluten-Free Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies 2021-10-06T13:45:09-05:00

Adela’s Lemon Chicken Pasta

  Adela’s Lemon Chicken Pasta Adela was determined to figure out how to make meals delicious again. Thanks to FEI and the monthly box of safe foods, it's easy to create new family favorites, like lemon pasta and chicken. 2 [...]

Adela’s Lemon Chicken Pasta 2021-10-06T11:51:37-05:00

FEI Family Member: Brody Family

By Sarah Guthrie Spontaneity goes out the window, says Paula Brody, when you have a diagnosis of celiac disease.  You can’t ever “just go” out to eat or book a “last minute” vacation – you always have to have a [...]

FEI Family Member: Brody Family 2021-10-01T15:34:28-05:00

Navigating Adulthood with EoE

By Stephanie Ulrich The Open Cookbook   Growing up, I was able to eat anything and everything. I lived for Chinese dumplings and scallion pancakes, cheesy quesadillas, mint chocolate chip ice cream. And, I was known for having an insatiable [...]

Navigating Adulthood with EoE 2021-10-01T10:27:12-05:00

Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Horchata

  Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Horchata This dairy-free and nut-free, Mexican classic is so easy to make and is the perfect complement to a spicy meal! Adapted from . 1 cup Long-grain rice2 Cinnamon sticks5 cups Water1 tsp Vanilla extract1/2 cup Sugar [...]

Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Horchata 2021-09-30T11:49:53-05:00

Hurricane Ida Relief Food Donations

As part of giving back during a time of natural disaster from Hurricane Ida, Food Equality Initiative (FEI), donated $70,000 worth of food that is free from major allergens and gluten to food pantries in New Orleans.  “This shipment, which [...]

Hurricane Ida Relief Food Donations 2021-09-23T10:30:29-05:00

Food Laws: College Dining Plans

Thank you so much for joining us for part two of our new webinar series, Food Laws: College Dining Plans. We hope you learned from our panelists as much as we did and now feel confident in starting your college [...]

Food Laws: College Dining Plans 2021-09-22T10:32:59-05:00

Seven Percent Update August 2021

Updates about the Seven Percent Fund & Coalition   We’re happy to report in this update that 7 new members have joined the Seven Percent Fund & Coalition since the start of 2021! We are now 21 members strong. Together [...]

Seven Percent Update August 2021 2021-10-01T10:43:01-05:00

La Alimentación es Medicina

Por Sofia Gillespie Traducido por Kimberly Colula   “Medicina ha tomado un nuevo significado” dice Jodi Shroba, APRN, enfermera practicante en Children's Mercy Hospital. Lo que tradicionalmente es visto como “un medicamento que ingiere su cuerpo para hacerle sentir mejor,” ahora [...]

La Alimentación es Medicina 2021-09-15T12:31:42-05:00