#ForTheHealth – Black Voices

Thank you for joining us for our webinar, For the Health: A Conversation on Race and Food Allergy. Our first installment brought together expert Black voices in the food allergy space. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to your interest and support, we were able to reach over 1,000 people from all across the United States and the globe including nations such as Germany, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Notable Black voices in food allergy.
Our awesome moderators and panelists.

This conversation was an important step for the food allergy community toward being more inclusive and representative of our Black brothers and sisters who also suffer the burden of the disease. As we learned from the panelists, we still have a long way to go in bridging the racial disparities in healthcare, but Black leaders across the country are stepping up to the plate to enact the change that needs to happen.


Karen Palmer
Linsey Davis


Emily Brown of Food Equality Initiative
Denise Woodard of Partake Foods
Javier Evelyn of Alerje
Dr. Lakiea Wright-Bello of Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thomas & Dina Silvera of Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Over the course of one hour, we discussed multiple topics regarding the state of affairs in healthcare and beyond for people of color and the hopes for the future as envisioned by notable black voices in the community. We also provided steps we as allies can take to go from here to there, outlined in our next blog post.

For those of you want to watch the webinar in full, you can do so on our YouTube Channel. While you are there, give us a follow for more awesome food allergy content.

If you want to review any one of the many important topics mentioned in the webinar, here is a quick run down, complete with links to outside resources for further research.


1) Emily Brown’s Inspiration for the For The Health Webinar @ 2:51
Open Letter to the Food Allergy Community

2) Steps to Address the Social Determinants of Health, a medical professional’s view @ 4:35
Journal Of Academic Pediatrics Study
Other recent Studies of Black Communities and Food Allergies, gathered by Allergic Living

3) Technology’s Role in Closing Racial Disparities in Healthcare @ 9:31 & @ 24:34
Alerje’s mission to serve food allergy patients with an app

4) Allergen-Friendly + Gluten-Free ≠ Healthy @ 12:20
Partake Food’s origin story

5) Food Allergy Advocacy & Legislation @ 15:13
Elijah-Alavi Foundation

6) How Parents & Children Alike Can Raise Food Allergy Awareness @ 17:14

7) What can Medical Professionals do to raise the issue of racial disparities in medicine? @26:35

8) How can Black Parents make themselves heard in School settings? @30:04

9) How can people get educated? @43:43

10) How To Be An Effective Ally @ 21:15 & @ 35:41
Food Equality Initiative’s 7% Fund


Tune in next month for the second conversation of the series #ForTheHealth. The theme will jump right in where we left off, answering the question of how to be an ally. We will discuss with leaders in the food industry and the community about how allies can make a difference in racial disparities in food allergy. More information on the panelists is in the works. In the meantime, continue to educate yourself on racial disparities in food allergy and healthcare. See you next time!

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