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7% Participant: FOODiversity

FOODiversity is fighting to improve the health and quality of lives for those at the intersection of food insecurity and food allergy and/or celiac disease. 

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A Story of Tamales 

For us, the tamales we ate was a form of communication stating ‘this is what I have, it may not be much but I share it with you with love.’ 

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FEI Advocate: Nehgar

Nehgar said, “I would love to do anything to help families across the nation, because it is really necessary. People are struggling.”

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FEI Advocate: Dawn

Dawn said: I need to go to advocate. Someone can benefit from my story. People need to know what it is like to be an adult with food allergies.

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Teal Pumpkin Project

Peyton can spot a teal pumpkin on Halloween at a front doorstep and know that the treats at that house are safe for her to take.

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Adela’s Lemon Chicken Pasta

Adela was determined to figure out how to make meals delicious again. Thanks to FEI and the monthly box of safe foods, it’s easy to create new family favorites, like lemon pasta and chicken.

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