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Order Tracking for FEI Family Members

Need help tracking your order on Free From Market? You've come to the right place. Follow the steps below to check on the status of your order.   How to check the status of your order: Step One: Login to [...]

Order Tracking for FEI Family Members 2022-01-19T14:39:08-06:00

Year-in-Review: 2021

By Sofia Gillespie   We made it through another ground-breaking year at Food Equality Initiative. As each month goes by, we learn more and more, and open ourselves up for more opportunities. We started spreading the news about Food is [...]

Year-in-Review: 2021 2021-12-30T12:02:38-06:00

Emily’s Farewell Letter

Dear FEI Family Members and Friends, With excitement and gratitude, I am reaching out to let you know our mission has taken a big step forward. On December 31, 2021, I’m officially stepping down as CEO of FEI to be [...]

Emily’s Farewell Letter 2021-11-23T12:40:20-06:00

What is #GivingTuesday?

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” ~ Mother Theresa    What is #GivingTuesday?  #GivingTuesday, or the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a national day of giving.  It’s a chance for everyone to make a difference [...]

What is #GivingTuesday? 2021-10-21T14:17:33-05:00

FEI Family Member: Rose Ladwig

By Sarah Guthrie “Shocked” is how 52-year old Rose Ladwig describes finding out that she has celiac disease. “I was not sick as a child but suddenly, in 2017, I began having diarrhea and vomiting,” she remembers.  “I thought it [...]

FEI Family Member: Rose Ladwig 2021-10-01T15:26:11-05:00

FEI Advocate: Nehgar

By Sofia Gillespie Nehgar with son, Nile. Nehgar Goudat is a mother of a young child with food allergies. Her son, Nile, is allergic to coconut, wheat, dairy, soy, tree nuts, peas, and eggs. “It is a lot [...]

FEI Advocate: Nehgar 2021-10-14T15:18:45-05:00

FEI Advocate: Dawn

By Sofia Gillespie Meet Dawn. “I remember in college one time this couple invited me over for dinner, and they were having pork chops. I'm allergic to pork, but I was too embarrassed to tell them that I [...]

FEI Advocate: Dawn 2021-10-14T15:06:51-05:00

FEI Family Member: Brody Family

By Sarah Guthrie Spontaneity goes out the window, says Paula Brody, when you have a diagnosis of celiac disease.  You can’t ever “just go” out to eat or book a “last minute” vacation – you always have to have a [...]

FEI Family Member: Brody Family 2021-10-01T15:34:28-05:00

Hurricane Ida Relief Food Donations

As part of giving back during a time of natural disaster from Hurricane Ida, Food Equality Initiative (FEI), donated $70,000 worth of food that is free from major allergens and gluten to food pantries in New Orleans.  “This shipment, which [...]

Hurricane Ida Relief Food Donations 2021-09-23T10:30:29-05:00

Seven Percent Update August 2021

Updates about the Seven Percent Fund & Coalition   We’re happy to report in this update that 7 new members have joined the Seven Percent Fund & Coalition since the start of 2021! We are now 21 members strong. Together [...]

Seven Percent Update August 2021 2021-10-01T10:43:01-05:00