88 Acres’ Approach to School Lunches

For our third installment of our webinar series For the Health: A Conversation on Race and Food Allergies, we spoke with leaders in the food allergy industry about institutional change. One of the panelists was Nicole Ledoux, founder of 88 [...]

88 Acres’ Approach to School Lunches 2020-10-12T15:57:03-05:00

7% Fund Founder Spotlight: Chomps

Much like Food Equality Initiative’s humble beginnings, Chomps started as a small family-owned business with its headquarters located in a small Chicago apartment. Since its launch in 2012, it has grown into one of the fastest growing meat snack brands [...]

7% Fund Founder Spotlight: Chomps 2020-09-03T13:33:36-05:00

Tips from Food Allergy Kids: Shopping

“People don’t understand the luxury of just picking something up and buying it.” Zani with her harvest of wild berries. Meet Zani Zani lives just outside of Portland. Like any typical Oregonian, she loves being outside, shopping at [...]

Tips from Food Allergy Kids: Shopping 2020-08-10T16:53:53-05:00

Mealime: App Review

We don’t cook our own food as often as we should. Of course, when I say we, I’m referring to western society as a whole. We have become increasingly reliant on fast food and processed meals for a variety of [...]

Mealime: App Review 2019-06-18T15:39:31-05:00

Website Review: is a website that you might find helpful in different scenarios. Supercook’s function is very simple: enter in the food items that you have available to you and it will show the different recipes you can make with the [...]

Website Review: 2019-06-19T09:17:49-05:00

Building a “Free-From” Healthy Plate

Building a balanced and healthy plate when you have food allergies, celiac disease, or another diet-treated disease can be a difficult task. Knowing your options can make it much easier to build healthy “free-from” meals for your family. Below I’ve [...]

Building a “Free-From” Healthy Plate 2019-06-17T08:33:57-05:00

A Word on Waffle Day; Add it to Your Calendar

There are few things that bring people together like food. Since the beginning of mankind, we have gathered together around a table or fire and shared our experiences with one another. Often times we host these meetings over food. There [...]

A Word on Waffle Day; Add it to Your Calendar 2019-06-17T08:29:28-05:00

Spread the Love With SunButter®

For the third year in a row, Food Equality Initiative (FEI) and SunButter® announce the Spread the Love Campaign.The annual campaign encourages individuals and families to DONATE SunButter to  local food banks or pantries on Valentine’s Day. Created to provide [...]

Spread the Love With SunButter® 2018-01-23T15:29:10-06:00