Summer has arrived and I hope you’re able to soak up some sunshine this season! Something refreshing that has caught my attention recently has been celebrities discussing their food allergy experiences. I always appreciate hearing someone with a large platform discuss their experience having a food allergy in a meaningful way. As it turns out, many celebrities are managing food allergies themselves or for a family member. It’s so important for these conversations to be taking place where many eyes and ears are able to be exposed to the realities of life with a food allergy. This got me inspired to compile a list of many well-known people with food allergies. You may be surprised while reading through!

While this list isn’t exhaustive, I’ve included some well-known names. I also included two fictional children’s characters who I thought were accurately represented with food allergies.

This list shows how food allergies can’t be generalized, you can see how different each person is in their food allergy experience. The way we see food allergies portrayed in the media informs children, adults, and their families about food allergies. For some, forms of media may be the only exposure to a food allergy they have, so it’s crucial that certain details are accurate when discussing allergies. Cheers to seeing more people with large platforms speak out about their food allergy experiences to spread positive and helpful messaging this summer & beyond!

These celebrities have food allergies.

The Allergy Team of Celebrities

  1. Serena Williams, 39 years old, Professional Tennis Player, Peanut Allergy. 
  2. Kerry Washington, 44 years old, Actress, Multiple Food Allergies. She is known to always have her epinephrine on-hand at all times, an important precedent to set. 
  3. Kelis Rogers, 41 years old, Singer, Peanut Allergy.
  4. Ray Romano, 61 years old, Actor, Peanut Allergy.
  5. Nicole Kidman, 53 years old, Actress, Strawberry Allergy. 
  6. Malia Obama, 22 years old, Daughter of Barack & Michelle Obama, Peanut Allergy. READ MORE HERE.
  7. Halle Berry, 52 years old, Actress, Shrimp Allergy. 
  8. Emmy Rossum, 35 years old, Actress, Celiac Disease.
  9. Drew Barrymore, 46 years old, Actress/Producer, Coffee & Garlic Allergies. 
  10. Miley Cyrus, 28 years old, Singer, Dairy & Gluten Allergies.
  11. Ariana Grande, 26 years old, Singer, Tomato, Banana & Shellfish Allergies.
  12. Binky Barnes, Arthur Character, Peanut Allergy. 
  13. Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Peach Allergy. 
  14. Bill Hader, 42 years old, Actor/Comedian, Peanut Allergy. 
  15. Clay Aiken, 41 years old, Singer, Chocolate, Coffee, Mint, Shellfish,Tree Nut & Mushroom Allergies. 
  16. Bill Clinton, 74 years old, Former 42nd President of the United States, Chocolate & Gluten Allergies. 
  17. Chelsea Clinton, 41 years old, Daughter of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Wheat Allergy.
  18. Jessica Simpson, 40 years old, Singer, Dairy, Wheat, Tomato, Hot Pepper, Coffee, Corn & Chocolate Allergies.
  19. Tom Poti, 44 years old, Retired Ice Hockey Player, Peanut, Chocolate, Fish, and Multiple Other Food Allergies. This retired ice hockey player has spoken out about keeping his epinephrine on him at all times and how he prefers to eat at his own home, and didn’t let his severe food allergies get in the way of a successful ice hockey career. READ MORE HERE.
  20. Justin Bieber, 27 years old, Singer, Gluten Intolerance. 
  21. Steve Martin, 75 years old, Actor/Comedian, Shellfish Allergy.
  22. Busy Phillips, 42 years old, Actress, Soy Allergy & Gluten Sensitivity.
  23. Kelly Clarkson, 39 years old, Singer, Peanut Allergy.
  24. Zooey Deschanel, 41 years old, Actress/Singer, Dairy, Egg, & Wheat Allergies. In addition to food allergies to dairy, eggs, and wheat, Zooey has multiple food sensitivities as well.
  25. Jo Frost, 49 years old, TV Personality, Shellfish, Peanut, & Tree Nut Allergies.

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