SunButter® Sunflower Seed Butter is a delicious spread made from roasted sunflower seeds and is free from the top 8 food allergens. SunButter brings sunshine to people with peanut and tree nut allergies.

Photo of SunButter product.

SunButter’s dedication to providing healthy free-from food options to individuals impacted by food allergies and special diets stretches far beyond supermarket shelves. The generosity of SunButter is reflected in their engagement in various civic initiatives in the community.

SunButter’s financial contributions and in-kind donations support FEI’s Nutrition Access Program, giving all patients, regardless of income, access to free-from foods to improve their health.

Juli Tubby of SunButter says, “SunButter has been a Food Equality Initiative partner for the past three years and we are very pleased to participate in their mission of reaching out to those in need of allergy-friendly foods in their community. We love how FEI places such a high value on inclusion and helping others, because that is so important to us at SunButter as well!”

We’re proud to call SunButter a partner in our work to increase access to from-from foods. To learn more about SunButter and their products, please visit

If you need assistance and would like more information about becoming a client and participating in FEI’s Nutrition Access Program, please visit our website.

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