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Let’s face it, we’re all Zoomed out. We also know you’re a busy person with no time to visit a “socially distanced” sit-down dinner. Instead of throwing a high-priced event with high-priced tickets or having a Zoom meeting, we’re having our Free-From Gala Non-Event on Giving Tuesday!

Tickets for the event we're NOT throwing are:

(Not actual ticket prices, just donation amount suggestions)

General Admission Non-Ticket: $50

Couple of GA Non-Tickets: $75

A Whole Table of Non-Tickets: $700

Please consider making a recurring gift. It helps us provide access to safe and healthy food month after month.

21% funded
Hey! We've raised $4,269.00 of the $20,000.00 needed to fully fund the Giving Tuesday Non-Event.

In Addition to the Non-Event being Free-From the Top 9 Allergens,
the Free-From Gala is:

Free-From the price of the tux you would have rented

Free-From awkward conversations

Free-From the time spent asking “him” to go with you

Free-From parking fees, ridiculous carry-on fees & expensive Uber fares

Free-From the hair you were going to pull out trying to figure out why Zoom isn’t working this time


The Free-From Gala is NOT an event– it is a day of giving to support our mission of improving health and ending hunger in all patients with food allergies & celiac disease through education, access, and advocacy. Instead of spending money on all that goes into attending an event, we hope to fundraise as much as possible for our Seven Percent Fund to increase resources, food, and end disparities in Food Allergy & in Health.

So grab your tux or your heels- or don’t! It’s up to you. Either way, join us for our event we’re NOT throwing, our Free-From Gala on December 1st! All funds raised will go directly into our Seven Percent Fund. Purchase your ticket to our Non-Event – or just make a donation in any amount you wish.