Hello, Food Equality Initiative Blog followers! I am Kathleen from Gluten Free by Kathleen and I am excited to do a guest blog for you. When I found out I had a gluten sensitivity almost 8 years ago, I wasn’t confident in modifying recipes so stuck to fruits, vegetables, meat, and anything labeled gluten-free. If I did attempt gluten-free baking by swapping out different ingredients, the results always had a weird consistency.

For Christmas one year, my sister made me this gluten-free conversion chart to help me substitute gluten-free flour and it’s been such a great tool for me. I have it framed and hanging in my kitchen.  Since a lot of gluten-free foods are expensive, I now use my conversion chart so I can make my favorite recipes at home.

It may seem easier to just replace all-purpose flour with gluten-free flour but without the addition of xanthan gum and starch, your recipe can end up being dense since gluten is a protein that helps food maintain their shape. One pantry staple for me is xanthan gum because it can add elasticity and stickiness when trying to substitute a gluten-free flour. I recommend using this conversion chart as a guide and experimenting with different gluten-free flours/starches.

Conversion Chart

Gluten-Free conversion chart.

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