I Am An Individual

No matter where you are in your journey, recently diagnosed or a restricted-diet veteran, FEI is here to help.


The Nutrition, Education, and Advocacy Access Program is Food Equality Initiative’s flagship service – our ‘gluten-free bread and butter’ so to speak. Once you qualify for services, this is how you gain access to subsidized free-from foods. FEI Family Members also receive:

  • Subsidized access to an online marketplace with 1500+ products
  • Subsidized subscription to the Free-From Magazine
  • Weekly emailed newsletters
  • Membership to closed virtual support group

How Does the Service Work?

Food Equality Initiative (FEI) subsidizes purchases of free-from food for qualified clients (FEI Family Members) on Free From Market (FFM). FEI also covers the shipping costs for the direct-to-door delivery service. 

Note: FEI and FFM are two separate entities that share a common mission, to provide people the nutritious food (medicine) they need to stay healthy. 

By subsidizing this direct-to-door delivery service and publishing nutritional materials, we aim to ease the financial and psychological strain of a diagnosis of a diet-treated illness on individuals and families. We strive to nurture a community where everyone has access to the foods they need, both in body (free-from foods) and mind (resources and education).


1. Diagnosed with a prescribed diet-treated illness by a medical professional.

A diet-treated illness is a diagnosed condition where avoiding or adding certain foods play a significant role in treatment. This includes food allergies, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, IBS, and the list goes on.

2. Identified as food-insecure

Family Size
Household Income

Financial Qualifications

If you answer “yes” to either of the following Food Insecurity Screening Statements:

  1. Within the past 12 months, we were worried whether our food would run out before we got money to buy more.
  2. Within the past 12 months, the food we bought just didn’t last and we didn’t have money to get more.


3. Affiliated Physician, Registered Nurse (RN), or Physician’s Assistant (PA) submits Rx Diet Order Referral to FEI.

  1. The Referral submission usually happens in one of two ways:
    1. Contact FEI to determine if your physician is a part of our affiliate program. If yes, then request a Referral link from FEI to send to your physician. If not, then you can join our waitlist by completing this form.
    2. Your affiliated Physician, Registered Nurse (RN), or Physician’s Assistant (PA) submits a Referral on your behalf, then FEI will reach out to you to enroll in the program.

4. Enroll in FEI’s Nutrition Access Program.

Once you (the prospective client) complete the Registration and your Referral is submitted, FEI works to approve your application. Your length of service from FEI is determined by your prescription and funding. If you do not qualify for subsidized service, we will contact you with more information about our other programs. 

5.  Shop for subsidized groceries online at Free From Market & receive them delivered to your door.

After you enroll in FEI’s Nutrition Access Program, you will have subsidized access to Free From Market (FFM) that offers:

  • Healthy after-school snacks, 
  • Nutritious breakfasts, 
  • Delicious dinner ingredients, and more! 

You should know that FFM sources from mission-driven companies committed to manufacturing free-from food that is as safe as it is tasty. FEI will subsidize your shipment of grocery items from FFM once a month. And yes, your food will be delivered directly to your door. 


We support diverse social networks to help our families navigate the free-from culinary world with confidence. 

Our shared RECIPES and BLOGS strive to encourage readers to develop lifelong practices for healthy eating.

Our PODCAST keeps our audience up-to-date on important themes in diet-treated illnesses and nutrition.

We also offer expertly crafted educational materials through our FREE-FROM MAGAZINE such as news within various fields of research, personal testimonies, and lifestyle techniques to help foster a positive diet-restricted community.

Free-From Food

A food that is safe for an individual with a diet-treated illness.

This is personalized for each individual’s needs.

Diet-Treated Illness

A diagnosed condition where avoiding or adding certain foods plays a significant role in treatment.

Diet-treated illnesses include, but are not limited to, food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, eosinophilic esophagitis, hypertension, and more.


You can get involved with the work of Food Equality Initiative by becoming a Friend of FEI. 

Our FEI Friends are valued members of our community. They are strong supporters and champions of our work. We count on their generous donations of time, money, skills, and resources to further our mission. Our FEI Friends receive a bi-weekly newsletter with updates about Food Equality Initiative and other important developments in the field of Food is Medicine. Subscribed monthly donors are eligible to receive perks such as discounted webinar access and discounted magazine subscriptions.