Join FEI in our support of the Medical Nutrition Equity Act of 2021 (S. 2013/ H.R. 3783). Passing this legislation would provide public and private insurance coverage for medically necessary foods for inherited metabolic disorders and digestive conditions. 

You can learn more about the act on the Patients & Providers for Medical Nutrition Equity’s website, which contains a fact sheet and other resources on the legislation and why it needs our support. 

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Medical nutrition for someone with PKU: Protein consumed per day cannot exceed the amount in one egg.

An example of one of these conditions is Phenylketonuria (PKU)—a metabolic disorder that requires vigilant management of daily macronutrients. Typically, the amount of protein a person with PKU can consume per day cannot exceed the amount in one egg. While PKU patients can supplement with fruits and vegetables which are low in protein, they cannot meet their caloric needs through these foods alone. Most manage these complex nutritional needs by consuming specialized formulas. Failure to maintain the required diet puts them at risk for brain damage, repeated hospitalizations, failure to grow, or even death. 

Specialized, medical nutrition prescribed by a health care provider is standard-of-care treatment for these patients. It is essential to healthy development. 

All states have mandated testing for metabolic disorders; from this testing, approximately 2,000 infants every year are diagnosed with an inherited metabolic disorder. Nearly 40 states require some type of coverage for medically necessary nutrition. However, coverage is dependent on age and gender, is highly variable from state to state, and does not apply to private sector health plans.  

Yet treatment of these disorders still goes uncovered for far too many. 

Ask your members of Congress to become co-sponsors of the Medical Nutrition Equity Act today!

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