Spokin a shining example of an Ally.

Susie Hultquist, founder of Spokin.
Susie Hultquist

The role of an ally is to truly unite oneself with another to promote a common interest. Organizations and people who are allies are not only helpers but also have a common interest with those they desire to help. 

In the Food Allergy Community, the common interest is to bring resources, education, and reduce the number of those suffering from food allergies. 

But what about shining light on disparities in this community? What about supporting Black-led organizations by accelerating their voices and giving support with sponsorship and mentorship? 

Susie Hultquist, CEO and founder of Spokin is an Ally to Food Equality Initiative (FEI).

“My organization has been underfunded for years, in the middle of COVID-19, FEI was working around the clock (we still are) trying to get people safe food and find funding at the same time. We realized that we had to shine a light on black-led organizations and the racial disparities in the food allergy community so that we could fulfill our mission.”  

Susie Hultquist

Allies can help with funding, friends, and accelerating a message – Susie does all three. 

Susie Hultquist saw the need and without missing a beat said, “Let’s start the Spokin Cares Campaign to get you funding.” Within a few hours, Susie and her team launched the Spokin Cares Campaign which has raised over $16,000 to support people of color that need medically necessary food. 

Susie made connections and warm introductions to industry leaders to help draw attention to our mission and racial disparities in allergies, which has brought additional resources to my organization. 

She also uses her platform and accelerates Black-owned businesses, Black bloggers,  and to support the work of FEI and other Black-led organizations. Spokin has also extended its paid Verified Brand Program to Black-owned food companies. In every action, Susie and Spokin are intentional and inclusive of Black voices and representation in their quizzes, recipe guides, and features.

Susie and Spokin are the first members of our Seven Percent Coalition & Fund, they are sponsoring all of our For The Health™ webinars, Susie has committed to being on our next panel focused on corporate initiatives to end racial disparity AND she is committed to ending racial disparities in the food allergy community. 

Be. Like. Susie.

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