Today we want to take a minute and talk about one of our amazing partners and sponsors, Hilary’s. As a non-profit organization, we rely so much on having partners that share our vision of making the world a better, safer and healthier place. Hilary’s is just that! Hilary’s is a large contributor to our success, so it was only fitting to share the impact they are making with you.

Hilary's passion is to create foods to make meals free-from compromise.

After being diagnosed with multiple food allergies, the founder of Hilary’s struggled to find convenient food options for her and her family.  She started the Hilary’s brand with the intention of creating delicious go-to foods that begin with real, whole ingredients that are top 12 free and non-GMO verified, so more people can enjoy them without hesitation. Today, the company believes that plant-powered nourishment that is always free from common food allergens can be a gateway to pure joy. Whether you have to live a life free-from one or more food allergens or you simply choose to, it’s their passion to create foods to make meals free-from compromise.

Now in the freezer section of grocery stores nationwide, Hilary’s is excited to unveil its new bright, flavor-focused branding. “Our new look has more emphasis on the culinary flavors and incredible ingredients in our products,” says Becky Harpstrite, Hilary’s VP of Marketing. “We also improved the communication of our free-from and plant-based attributes, so customers can clearly see at a glance what all our products have to offer.”

Hilary’s has helped us take care of you in countless ways. We love working with them and sharing the vision to bring healthy food to all people, especially those that suffer from celiac disease and food allergies.

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