We are proud to be named an inaugural United Way Impact 100 organization.

This year, United Way launched the Impact 100 to provide unrestricted funding to the 100 organizations they believe are addressing the most vital health and human service needs in our community. At Food Equality Initiative we will use this funding to help us continue fighting for nutrition security and health equity for all

United Way carefully and intentionally selected their top 100 organizations to be a part of their Impact 100 and we are incredibly honored to not only receive unrestricted funding, but also to be named an organization of high impact. The work we do serves those in need of special diet foods, education around special diets, and advocacy for policy changes and updates so that all have equitable access and nutrition security.

With the additional funds, we plan to create more opportunities for others to gain vital health and human services. Thank you, United Way of Greater Kansas City, for selecting Food Equality Initiative!

FEI is a United Way Impact 100 Organization.

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