Voice of the Patient Report

The Voice of the Patient Report, compiled by the members of the Food Allergy Collaborative (FAC), is now available. The insights and perspectives of people living with food allergy, which are collected in this Report, can help guide the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies to evaluate and develop critical new therapies and improved policies that are desperately needed by this community.

The Food Allergy Collaborative is an alliance of advocacy organizations, industry partners, and those living with food allergies that is advancing effective, patient-centered initiatives in food allergy awareness, research, advocacy, and care. The FAC was launched in 2019 and has been a strong and impactful voice for the food allergy community ever since.

The Voice of the Patient report highlights the daily challenges that patients and caregivers face, including the burden of allergen avoidance and the anxiety from the constant vigilance it takes to avoid accidental exposure. The report also speaks to the need for less burdensome diagnostics, easier to administer emergency medication, and an expedited process for new food allergy treatments.

WHERE: Please visit the Food Allergy Collaborative website to download the full Voice of the Patient report.

CONTACT: media@foodallergy.org

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About the Food Allergy Collaborative: Launched in 2019, the Food Allergy Collaborative is an alliance of advocacy organizations, those living with food allergies, and industry partners who are uniting to advance effective, patient-centered initiatives in food allergy awareness, research and care.

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