Food is Medicine

Food Equality Initiative fights for nutrition security and health equity for all.

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Nutrition Security
Having consistent access, availability, and affordability of foods and beverages that promote well-being and prevent or treat disease if necessary.

– Prioritizing Nutrition Security in the US, JAMA April27, 2021 Volume 325, Number 16, Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH., Sheila Fleischhacker, PhD, JD, RDN, Jose R. Andres

Health Equity
Removing obstacles so that every individual has the opportunity to lead the healthiest life they possibly can.

What We Offer

To recognize the potential of ‘Food is Medicine,’ FEI serves in three different ways.

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Free-From Magazine

This bi-monthly publication is filled with news, recipes, tips & tricks, and personal stories about living with diet-treated illnesses.

2 Nutritious Cafeteria Recipes 

Whether you are at school or your company’s lunchroom, it can be hard finding nutritious options in the cafeteria. Here are some nutritious cafeteria recipes you can make.

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