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Leading the Free-From Food Access Movement

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Increasing knowledge and raising awareness

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We improve health and end hunger in individuals diagnosed with food allergies and celiac disease through...

Our Impact

FEI has placed over $100,000 worth of “free-from” food into the hands of our clients in need.

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Food Equality Initiative is currently accepting new client referrals from doctors.

Food is delivered to your door monthly via contact-free delivery.
What is needed for enrollment?
What types of groceries can I receive?

Nondairy milk
Sunflower Butter
Fresh Produce
Gluten-Free bread

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What Our Clients Say

“The box we received today is such a huge blessing. My girls were so excited to get gluten-free bread and muffin mix and of course snacks!  Many of the items in my box are items we rarely purchase or had in house before FEI, because of the expense. Gluten and dairy-free items are so expensive. This initiative has truly allowed us to stretch our grocery dollars and stay gluten-free. We are so thankful!  Thank you for all you do!!!”


‘Thank you so much. I have gone through all my food stamps, which isn’t much, in 4 days trying to buy the expensive food that my boys can eat. So I cannot express how much this will help us. Again thank you so much.”


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Food Deserts and many more.⁠ These barriers can often exacerbate chronic disease, increase mental health challenges, and drive up medical costs. As we move through 2022, FEI will continue to bring awareness to these barriers. https://t.co/gYLYeulxKz Read More

Jan 27 2022, 4:23 pm

What is Food is Medicine? Food is Medicine Day raises awareness of embedded barriers to healthy food access for under-resourced families & individuals such as: ⁠ ⁠ Cost of Special Dietary Needs (Food Allergies, celiac disease)⁠ Lack of Access to Fresh vs. Manufactured... Read More

Jan 27 2022, 4:23 pm